Samuel Ondrek

is a full-stack web software pirate


Since 2004, when I've started with web coding, a lot of things have changed. The web is now extremely flexible and we must adjust our code, behavior and design. Not just to all people, but also for many devices and diverse environments.

I fight for a free web with the need for privacy and anonymity. I fight for beautiful semantic markup with a minimalistic, but functional GUI. I understand, that everything around us was made up by people that were not smarter than we are. And we can influence it.

Full-stack skills

I draw a web GUI (and assets) in Sketch and Illustrator, then I write beautiful markup and stylesheets with pure and semantic HTML5/CSS3, with not just functionality knowledge, but also ideas about the meaning. I code native and prototype-based Javascript a lot, and mostly with the Underscore and Backbone libraries. I'm pleased when I can work with Node.js.

Experiences: Amsterdam and Prototype Closure Javascript

I work like a HTML5 Application Developer in Amsterdam since 2013. My main responsibility is implementing and improving the online editor. It is used by customers to create products with over half a million photos every day across whole Europe (uk, de, es, nl, be, se, fr.. etc) and I implement an editor for tablets, mobiles and new browsers.

Side Projects

I'm the founder of a Slovak front-end portal, where I write about the local community of awesome and talented designers and developers. I've created many themes (e.g. Scriptogram, Wintersmith or Ghost) and I work on some Node.js projects like 88x (blogging markdown platform based on AWS S3), cool Downpress generator of static markdown websites (also available on NPM). I've also created an iOS app in Javascript and I blog about Javascript and about traveling and living abroad in Slovak language.

Experiences: South Korea, Bratislava, IE6 & Stylesheets

Since 2010, I was working as a Lead UI/UX GUI Developer on Korean project for Allianz in cooperation with Samsung Korea and Gratex International in Bratislava (Slovakia) and in Seoul (South Korea). We have implemented the intranet insurance solution for company with 142000 employees and 78 millions customers. I was implementing and supporting application themes in SASS and Korean developers.

And yes. #1BAC7A is my favorite color and my signature. It's the Ondrek Color ;)

Contact Me

I tweet about Javascript for 3k+ followers and I have started to share my designs on Dribbble recently and commit my code on Github a few years ago. My account on LinkedIn is open to all professionals. If you are Node.js developer, you might be interested in some NPM packages of mine.

My life 20s list

I decided to kick my own butt and make from my lazy dreams rather awesome memories. So I've created a list of 100 things, which I want to do 'til I will be 30 yo. The list is a public Github repo. Now is Jun of 2014 and my 30th birthday are in 2137 days. I have for this list only (or 184636800 seconds or 3077280 minutes or 51288 hours).

This list is including the big goals, continents where I want travel to, education based goals, awesome activities, interesting events and more. I will add activities later on, because the life challenges should be involved with a life itself. Let's hope that I can finish them all.

"Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?" — Steve Jobs

My 20s bucket list ideas

1)   The Big Goals

2)   Lont-term Education Goals

Learn to ..

3)   Travel Goals

Be on all continents

Spend at least a week in particular places

Spend at least 2 weeks in particular places

4)   Activities

General activities

See competitive sport at a professional level

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