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Samuel Ondrek crafts the web.

Since 2003. / He does only three things:   1) works as a fulltime JS dev and an UX expert in Vienna   2) lends a hand to world-changing initiatives   3) plays a violin, trains crossfit, swims or drinks Belgian beers * he also eats & sleeps, on Wednesday / Currently:     He works for Erste Group on a cutting-edge Backbone.js banking app in Vienna.     In a top-skilled international front-end team. / Rèsume of the last decade:     2003 til '11 — as a HTML/PHP freelancer & an ethical hacker, later on.     ⤳ webs; wordpress; some scripting in bash ..     2010 til '13 — as a CSS/UX guru in Gratex on a Dojo.js SPA.     ⤳ in Slovakia & South Korea; Dojo contributor; an insurance REST web app.     2013 til '14 — in a spectacular Javascript SCRUM team in Amsterdam.     ⤳ crafted some vanilla JS together with Closure.js for Vistaprint — truly amazing job. / Occasionally he helps start-ups or leads them. Like an app for Goldee, web for Songoroo or HalmiSpace in Kosice. / He's 25 26. / Check out his open source, tweets and some NPM crap. He focus on typography, readability and accessibility. Plus makes some programming art and speaks at conferences/meetups. Samuel is an authority at slovensko.digital platform. / But hey, bro! How can I contact ya? Thanks for the shitty question, sir! — samuel at thisdomain. Running. Crossfit. Violin. Aikidó. Beer & Calligraphy. >