i'm Samuel
you may know me from twitter or fb
i'm a fullstack engineer, that do open source and shit
i blog
i'm focusing on typography, readability and accessibility
my favorite color is #1BAC7A — because it's awesome
i lend a hand to startups
i speak

⨳ notes — my notes on the web;

⨳ several of my astonishing projects;

about 10 themes for scriptogram, wordpress and ghost;
some of them are success, some of them are fail; just a bunch of CSS files;

in 2013 I created an image handler;
that can parse 10GB of photos in browser with support IE6 — like a boss;

sometimes I write a book, about front-end with deadline in 2020;
yes; i do have time;

i make performance animations in HTML5 canvas;
i created a few animations as a rebound on Dribbble;

on NPM you can find my custom hashing algorithm;
with focus on speed, length, salt and no collisions (based on RIPEMD160/SHA3)

in 2012 I created an iOS game in Javascript within Phonegap;
since then I'm an official iOS Apple developer;

i founded and designed frontend.sk;
the first portal about that is front-end specific in slovak lang;

do you feel like this is not enough? i hope so;
i love removing old project after a few years when they are obsolete;

⨳ i lend a hand to a few startups;

2014|2015; i was helping guys from Goldee in beautiful Kosice
… where I met the most skilled designers, copywriters & coders in Slovakia

2014|2015; sponsoring of website for Songoroo startup;
… one of the most promising startups that i was helping with last years

2014|2015; free website for HalmiSpace co-working;
… implementation of a simple website for co-working space in Košice

⨳ rèsume ― the past & 2004~2015;

2014|2015; i endeavor to create an Angular webapp for an Austrian company;
… scrum team of 14 people with Websockets; MongoDB and Javascript;

2013|2014; i crafted some vanilla javascript in Amsterdam for Vistaprint;
… as a part of an awesome Javascript guru team;

2010|2013; i lived in Bratislava and worked as a UX/CSS/GUI tyro in GTI;
… 4x in South Korea; dojo/CSS3 contributor; REST webapp for Korean Allianz

2009|2011; i freelanced;
… small webs and already-died platforms like wordpress or drupal (get over it);

2004|2009; i started with small dynamic webs and shaped some PHP webs;
… years of kinder black-hat hacking and some xss scanning scripts;