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Samuel Ondrek crafts the web.

Since 2003. / Currently:     I work for ERSTE on a cutting-edge banking app in Backbone.js in Vienna.     16M+ users in 7 countries within a top-skilled international team. / This is a new website, that should be done like this. Rèsume of the last 12 years:     2004 til '11 — as a HTML/CSS freelancer & an ethical hacker.     ⤳ webs; wordpress; some scripting in bash ..     2010 til '13 — as a CSS/UX guru in Gratex on a Dojo.js SPA (before the shortcut existed).     ⤳ in Slovakia & South Korea; Dojo contributor; an insurance REST web app.     2013 til '14 — in a spectacular Javascript SCRUM team in Amsterdam.     ⤳ crafted some vanilla JS together with Closure.js for Vistaprint — truly amazing job. / Occasionally he helps start-ups or lead them. Like an app for Goldee, web for Songoroo or HalmiSpace in Kosice. / He's 25 26. / Check out his open source, tweets and some NPM crap. He focus on typography, readability and accessibility. Plus makes some programming art. And speaks at conferences and meetups. Samuel is an authority at slovensko.digital platform. / But Samuel! What do you do in the spare time? Thanks for the shitty question, sir! Running. Crossfit. Violin. Aikidó. Beer & Calligraphy. >